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Governor Snyder’s 2016 budget recommendation keeps commitment to restoring funding for higher education

On February 11, Governor Snyder presented his FY 2016 budget recommendation, which includes a 2 percent increase in funding for higher education as well as MSU’s AgBioResearch and Extension initiatives.

In 2011, Governor Snyder, because of the severe budget crisis facing the state, began his first term by cutting higher education funding by 15 percent. Funding is slowly being restored. In FY15, the state appropriated a 5.9% increase to higher education funding, however, MSU is still 6.8 percent below funding levels before the 15% cut. The FY16 budget proposal continues the move to funding higher education in the right direction because supporting higher education is a long-term investment in Michigan’s economic stability and puts Michigan back on the path toward making college more affordable.

Tell your legislator to continue the momentum of investing in higher education by supporting Governor Snyder’s increase to higher education funding so that we can keep tuition affordable for Michigan’s students and families.


After inflation, the cost of higher education per student at Michigan public universities went up by only $217 (1.8 percent) over 12 years. At MSU, that increase was only $65. As this chart prepared by the House Fiscal Agency clearly shows, the increase in cost for higher education borne by students and families has been driven almost entirely by the dramatic disinvestment by the state.