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Governor Snyder signs FY2016 budget

On June 17 Governor Snyder signed the FY2016 budget. In February, his budget recommendation called for a 2% increase to higher education funding. Ultimately, what was passed and signed was an increase of 1.5%, which still leaves colleges and universities 5.6% behind the FY2011 cut of 15%.

Michigan has come a long way, but there is still more work to be done. 

Spartan Advocates across the state look forward to working with the legislature and governor to continue restoring funding to higher education so dreams and success are within reach for every student and Michigan can be economically competitive again.

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A chart showing difference of disinvestment between 2001-02  and 2012-13

After inflation, the cost of higher education per student at Michigan public universities went up by only $217 (1.8 percent) over 12 years. At MSU, that increase was only $65. As this chart prepared by the House Fiscal Agency clearly shows, the increase in cost for higher education borne by students and families has been driven almost entirely by the dramatic disinvestment by the state.